After a rather painful upgrade from iOS 5 beta to iOS 5 release (involving several DFU mode attempts and iTunes error messages during upgrade), my apps somehow got stuck in limbo as they attempted to begin restoring.

All the icons appeared with their progress bars, subtitled “Wating…”, and after a while, I got the popup telling me to log in with my Apple ID.  But the popup showed somebody else’s Apple ID that I had never seen before, from a Verizon email address.  (I’m an AT&T customer, never having had a phone on Verizon!)

I knew everything was about to go to hell, but I cleared out the address and entered my own login information.  After a really, really long pause, I got the typical notice about how the iTunes Terms and Conditions had changed, and that I’d need to accept them.  So of course I pushed OK, but absolutely nothing happens.  In fact, right away the progress indicator at the top right of the status bar goes away, and I’m left with a phone devoid of apps, dim with empty progress bars, no longer titled “Wating…”.  Nothing happens.

Touching one of the app icons, the process repeats, though this time without the Apple ID sign in form.  Just a message that the terms have changed, but no popup to read or accept them with.

I tried slamming on a lot of different functions before I tried the following:

  1. Go to the App Store application
  2. Go to the Updates tab panel thing.
  3. The list is empty, but at the top there is a link for viewing purchases.  Touch that.
  4. Now touch the cloud icon next to any app for your phone.
  5. The app will attempt to download, but you’ll get the notice about the updated Terms and Conditions.
  6. This time the popup actually happens and you can push Accept.
  7. You’ll get a notice that thanks you for accepting the mandatory contract, and tells you to try your purchase again.
  8. Touch OK, but then close the App Store and return to your home screen.
  9. Touch one of your dimmed app icons, and the original process of trying to redownload all apps will begin again.
Now it works!  This was a bit of a case of “there’s an error, but I’m not going to help you solve it, dearest user”.  Yeah, well, screw you too, iOS 5 :)
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4 Responses to iOS 5: Terms and Conditions have changed, but I won’t show them to you to accept, even if you wanted to.

  1. Jeff says:

    THANKS! I just restored my iPad and had this exact same problem, was driving me NUTS!!!

  2. Nikki says:

    Thank you for posting this! It was a huge help :-D

  3. Enzo says:

    legend. this worked a treat. tnx

  4. Harry says:

    Hi This is Harry am using my Apple Ipod touch 4s am still having this problem can’t download any new apps from the store please tell another solution to this problem

    Thanks in advance


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